About Us

aequo animo

[ i - kwō, - ä - ni -mō ]


with balance : to make equal : composure



A Letter from The Founders:


Welcome to aequo animo®! We sincerely appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit our site and read our story. We are so excited to share our cherished line of budding formulas with all of you. This launch is a small collection of what we’ve been working on over the past year. We hope you all love aequo animo® as much as we do! 






Designed in California, Born in Taiwan.


Founded in San Francisco, California by newlyweds Ashley + Chuntze Cheng, aequo animo® represents the unique union of design and cosmetic chemistry. We have shared common ground in our struggle with sensitive skin and realized we were seeking out the same thing: An easily deliverable, and inclusive, skincare solution. Our quest to marry luxury skincare with ethics and gentle ingredients took us overseas, where in Taiwan’s most advanced research and development lab aequo animo® was born.



Our Values


Formulated for Sensitive Skin: 

The underlying cause of sensitive skin is often due to the fact that the skin’s barrier, or acid mantle is compromised. The aequo animo® formulations team focuses on creating a pH optimized line of products, that do not threaten your skin’s natural barrier. Our products are free of troublesome ingredients such as sulfates, alcohol, dyes, parabens and fragrance; and are clinically proven to be non irritating. Using ingredients that mimic the skin’s natural lipids, aequo animo® products are designed for barrier repair.



Easily Deliverable:

Why sheet masks? Sheet masks are versatile, convenient, and not intimidating. Sheet masks can travel with you, and offer a mess free application — you don’t even need to rinse! Sheet masks are also more hygienic than other packaging methods, such as jars, which leave opportunity for bacteria to be introduced to your product. 



Cruelty Free: 

aequo animo® is a proud registered member of PETA Beauty Without Bunnies.

cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free, sulfate free, alcohol free