Super Simple Sheet Mask Hacks! Make The Most of Sheet Mask Benefits.

Sheet masks are straightforward. Open, unfold, apply, and wait for that dewy glow!  But how can you make the most of a sheet mask’s benefits? Here are some helpful tips: 

1. Keep your sheet masks in the fridge.

It’s a general rule of thumb to store skincare products out of direct sunlight, but what about in the refrigerator? Sure, keeping your sheet masks in the fridge will deliver a luxurious cooling effect at application, but did you know applying refrigerated sheet masks can also reduce inflammation?

2. Make the most of the product.

Most brands pack a little extra serum into their sheet mask packets to make sure the mask is as concentrated with serum as possible. Pour the extra serum into your hands and use it on your neck and chest. If there is a lot of extra serum in your mask, you can squeeze it out and apply it to your face when you’re done masking. (Which is after 15-20 minutes depending on the mask you are using.)

3. Try a roller.

You may have seen beauty rollers, such as jade rollers, around a lot. But do they offer real benefits when used with a sheet mask? Our simple answer is yes!  Rolling while wearing a sheet mask aids absorption, massaging the serum into the skin. The rolling action also lifts, tightens, and boosts circulation.

4. Longer isn’t better.

Always follow the instructions on your sheet mask. Do not wear your sheet mask for longer than the recommended time, or until dry, doing so will actually draw moisture from your skin. Open, unfold, apply, set a timer, snap a selfie, and wear your mask for the recommended time!

5. Don’t Rinse.

Rather than rinsing the serum, essence, or emulsion off after masking, wait for the product to absorb into your skin. Try rolling after removing the mask to help speed up absorption. You can follow your mask up with other products and moisturizer to seal the deal.


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