It's Time to Talk About Probiotic Skin Care... What You Need to Know!



Why are fermented ingredients useful in skincare?


Fermented Ingredients in skincare take your products to a whole different grade. Why? Because introducing fermented materials to a formula generates a process that strengthens all sorts of nutrients, such as natural enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and peptides! Implementing a fermented formula, like our emulsion and detoxifying sheet masks, will grant your skin these nutrient binding properties throughout your skincare routine! Presented, fermented ingredients allow for further skin absorption. 


Now that we’ve covered the basics - here are 5 facts about fermented skincare everyone should know. 


1. Fermentation creates lactic and hyaluronic acid, two natural humectants that support hydration by binding to water from your skin’s surface, the environment, and even your other products.


2. Fermented ingredients in your skincare routine break down other natural ingredients. This process causes these active ingredients to absorb better!

3. An increase in antioxidants makes fermented products good for easing inflammation and reducing bacteria.

4. Amino acids and peptides identified in fermented products mimic your skin cell's organic renewal process. This process repairs elasticity and increases collagen production.

5. Products with fermented ingredients help eliminate dead skin build-up.


      Who can use fermented products?


      Everyone! Fermentation neutralizes most irritants, and since fermented materials mimic cell function they’re very gentle and safe for sensitive skin. 


      Want to read more about fermented ingredients or other active ingredients in our collection? You can look further on our product pages, found here. 

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