5 Essential Travel Skincare Products You Need in Your Carry On

  Skin suffering from summer travels? Traveling is an addiction for many of us, but it usually means breaks in the consistency of our skincare rituals. From recirculated airplane air to changing climates and sleep schedules it’s obvious that traveling can be draining for your complexion. When it comes to travel skincare routines it is common that people reinvent rather than adapting. Bring on the TSA approved products that everyone needs in their carry on. 



To some it may be obvious that SPF should be worn during outdoor activities like the beach or skiing, but what about when in the air? When flying our skin has greater risk for sun damage! Airplane windows even amplify UVA exposure, so be sure to wear SPF 30 or above. 


Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are easy to travel with and can help the skin drastically with dehydration and moisture loss from climate change, or flying. Sheet masks are a great quick fix when you’re looking for that instant glow. 


Your Daily Cleanser

It might be tempting to pack whatever sample sized cleanser you have laying around for vacation but this could cause your skin some unnecessary stress.


Facial Mist 

When you need suppler, more hydrated skin on the go facial mists offer a refreshing fix. 


Lip Balm

Some might not think of their lips when they think of skincare. In fact, the lips are the thinnest skin on the face and may experience dehydration more easily than other skin on the face. Remembering lip balm will help protect the lips against stressful environmental factors like cold or hot weather. 

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