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  • It's Time to Talk About Probiotic Skin Care... What You Need to Know!

    Fermented Ingredients in skincare take your products to a whole different grade. Introducing fermented materials to a formula generates a process that strengthens all sorts of nutrients, such as natural enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and peptides! Presented, fermented ingredients allow for further skin absorption. Now that we’ve covered the basics - here are 5 facts about fermented skincare everyone should know... View Post
  • Super Simple Sheet Mask Hacks! Make The Most of Sheet Mask Benefits.

    Sheet masks are straightforward. Open, unfold, apply, and wait for that dewy glow!  But how can you make the most of a sheet mask’s benefits? Here are some helpful tips:  1. Keep your sheet masks in the fridge. It’s a general rule of thumb to store skincare products out of direct sunlight, but w... View Post