• "I kept the detoxifying mask on for a little over twenty minutes. My skin felt rather silky and powdery after. It may be a combination of the mask and my acne medication, but a clogged pore finally came to head!"
    - Karen, @skin_karen
  • "The Emulsion mask made my face hydrated, and the Detoxifying mask left my face feeling more firm and shrunk my pores. Both had my skin feeling amazing!"
    - Nicki, @nickilenore
  • "The Emulsion mask made my skin soft, smooth, and hydrated. I experienced no irritation or redness. I continued with my typical skincare routine and everything did seem to absorb better and faster! I was impressed!"
    - Nicole | @bunnybutt_skincare

Fermented First™

Make your product's active ingredients more powerful! 

These sheet masks are formulated with fermented ingredients that increase nutrient density and absorption.

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